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His Majesty The Emperor

Open letter 1

March 27, 2021

The Emperor, beloved by all his people

I never thought that a situation would arise in which I would have to write to His Majesty the Emperor. I can say that it was “Almighty God” who gave me this courage. It is precisely because I believe I have the backing of “God Almighty” that I am able to send this letter. Without it, it would not have been possible. I am sure that others do not know why I think this way.

If someone recognizes what I have been putting my heart and soul into for about 30 years, will I be able to move on? Or, is it wrong because it started from the beginning as my own idea and misunderstanding? Like mathematics, it is not something that can be expressed in the form of proofs using axioms and theorems in a way that anyone can understand, so is it correct if someone else recognizes it? Since I can’t keep this to myself, I have been sending the results of the process to many people to let them know as the situation progresses. I have continued to do so in the hope that I might get some good responses, that things might change, or that some new ideas might emerge.

I believe that the wish from “God Almighty” that was vaguely lumped together has been gradually reduced through me over the course of 30 years to a concrete problem that can be tackled in a way that others can easily tackle this issue. At this point, however, the problem has been broken down, reduced, and its existence known, but it has not been solved.

I think we can reply with a good reply to “God Almighty” by taking the process of dispersing individual problems to specialists to work on them, and finally working together to solve the original problem.In his book “Discourse on the Method” René Descartes says that difficulties should be divided.

The text that follows was written at the request of Almighty God, as if I were squeezing a rock to get the water out.

I have the honour to be, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant,


To be continued

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