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I wrote to His Majesty the Emperor in March 2021. As you know, Japan is a country with a very small percentage of Christian believers in the population. I asked His Majesty the Emperor to be the founder of a new Christianity.

When artificial intelligence was put to practical use and we were entering a new era, I tried to use the term “two transcendentities” to describe Christianity. We sought a way to express religion and science collectively.

The title of the open letter is “Self-Salvation Walking with the Risen Jesus Christ”. We have divided the first letter we presented to the Emperor into 1 through 12 posts.

The following year, in June 2022, I sent a second letter. This letter was also divided into four parts and described as a contributed article.

I also wrote a third letter in October 2022. However, this letter was rejected by the Imperial Household Agency. Therefore, the Imperial Household Agency received the first two letters, but the third letter was returned to me. I have divided the third unpublished letter into seven parts and included it as an article in the post.

I have not received any response from His Majesty the Emperor, but that got me thinking. I decided to convey my thoughts through this Web site because I believe that it is necessary to ask the Diet members, the other organization that seems to be most concerned about the future of Japan, to do so as well.

What Japan needs now, is a “new constitutional hermeneutics”. Before World War II, there was such a thing. It is called “The emperor-organ theory,” and it is based on a reading of the Emperor’s existence for Japan in light of the Meiji Constitution. This was explained in detail in “Open Letter No. 2.

In post-World War II Japan, there is nothing to decipher the existence of the symbolic emperor in the Japanese Constitution. I believe that the Japanese people must consider this matter more seriously. I would like to propose a dynamical systems theory as a constitutional hermeneutics.

I am probably the only person in the world who wishes this. Actually, I have three wishes. The first is for His Majesty the Emperor, and the second is for the members of the Diet to help me realize them.

The third is related to dental care. I was a dental technologist until about 10 years ago. In the world of dentistry, there is the term “centric relation. The problem with the interpretation of the term “centric relation” is that it is a term that is related to dentistry, but is difficult to interpret even for dentists themselves. Centric relation may be paraphrased as “terminal hinge axis. Strictly speaking, the two seem to have slightly different meanings. I think we can make progress on this, if not a solution.

The key phrase is “dynamical systems theory. It is also applicable to Artificial Intelligence. The circumstances surrounding this are described in “Consideration of what should be done in order to usher in the day when we can use CAD assisted by Artificial Intelligence. In the past, we sent the information in this article to dentists in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and others as reference material. We have re-edited it and submitted it here.

I believe that His Majesty the Emperor is like the conscience of all human beings, not only in Japan but throughout the world. Perhaps, he has more presence in the world than Japanese people think. Or perhaps he is a presence that the world expects Japan to play some role in the world. I would like to ask such a symbol of our country to become the “founder of the restoration of new Christianity in Japan.”

Regarding the three letters, I am not a researcher, so the content is somewhat heavily based on quotations from articles extracted from the works. I have quoted from them in a way that reinforces what I cannot explain using only the words I can come up with. I have included the names of the books to which I have referred.

I feel I have gone as far as I can. After this it is not possible for an individual to do it to the end. I am looking for an organization that will handle these matters in a positive manner. I know that there are many dentists in the U.S. who have relationships with people in many different fields. Please let this be known to anyone who is interested in taking up these matters specifically. I think there is already very little I can do at present. That is why I have created a web site and published it in this way. Please, I hope that I will be able to meet with those who can make it to the end.

The only way I can describe why I have continued to do this, even though I know it is something I cannot do until the end, is that I was called and requested to do so by Almighty God. Please accept my best regards.

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