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Open letter No,1-6

Open letter 1

Time and Space

How did humans first acquire the concept of time in a time when there were no clocks? I think it was because they felt that the repetition of light periods of day and dark periods of night had some meaning, and that the accumulation of cyclic phenomena represented the passage of time. I think it could also be the repetition of the seasons. I think there is an important relationship between human existence and time. This is probably because humans have a life span. I think that the reason God created day and night was not to let humans know that time exists. An important science for people in the past was to create a calendar.

Space can be represented by the information of three-dimensional location. Space also provides a reference for the movement of matter. When space is expressed in terms of coordinates, there is no limit to the natural numbers, so an infinite area can be set up. However, to indicate a concrete location that humans need, a distance is necessary, and therefore, a concrete time is generated. In the real world, human involvement results in the occurrence of concrete time, which is consequently finite.

What is important to humans is not distance or time in isolation, but rather something that has a unit of velocity. Velocity has two components, time and position in space, which have meaning, or value, when integrated.

To indicate distance in the vastness of space, we use the unit of light-years, using the speed of light, which is an invariant speed in a vacuum (principle of light speed invariance, ≈300,000 kilometers per second). It is the fastest that humans can relate to.

Also, distance on the earth, for example 10 km, has no unit of time, but traveling at 10 km/h generates a finite amount of time, one hour. When humans need a concrete length (distance), there is a need for the concept of time.

Time is something given to man by God Almighty to exist as an entity in the real world. When time is not considered, objects in the real world, like clouds in the sky, distant mountain ranges and cityscapes, become “meaningless landscapes,” two-dimensional entities with little perspective. Time is a blessing and life given by “God Almighty” for human beings to operate in the real world.

Time, discovered in physical phenomena, is the driving force that makes humans do things. It gives man the awareness that he can operate himself. Time is expressed as the repeating phenomena of the real world, such as the repetition of day and night, the cyclic phases of the moon, the repetition of the four seasons, the shifting of shadows by the sundial, the movement of the stars and constellations in the night sky, and the beating of the heart. These are like the pulsations of life, which can be recognized through a series of regular changes. The concept of time occurs when it is of value to humans and when we want to be involved. There is a limit to speed, and based on the principle of the invariance of the speed of light, approximately 300,000 kilometers per second is considered the greatest value in the real world, establishing a relationship between distance and time. When an object is in relation to time, it emerges as a three-dimensional entity. The Big Bang cosmology, published in 1965, posits that time began 13.8 billion years ago. The role of time is to determine “when,” which generates concrete distance and becomes a three-dimensional entity.

First there is the speed at which one can move, then the element time, distance or position occurs. In the past, people were based on the length of their hands, elbows, palms, and other body functions and the size of their body parts.

By the way, Sir Isaac Newton is considered the father of modern science. Newton held that space is absolute and unchanging, and that space is like an empty stage. He also believed that the motion of matter and space do not affect each other. In his work, “Principia,” he published the idea of universal gravitation. He used the concepts of absolute time and absolute space to express phenomena in mathematical formulas.

As time passed and the 20th century came along, Albert Einstein made a proposal that radically changed the perception of physics up to that time and was regarded by some as the greatest physicist of his time. I believe that the concept of space-time was based on the properties of light. The relationship between space-time and the speed of light was considered from the fact that the speed of light in a vacuum is constant, and that space-time is flexible and that time and space are not independent entities but a unity. He also elucidated various phenomena, such as the mechanism of gravity and the relationship between light and space-time, which Newton had not been able to elucidate.

In the modern era, quantum theory and quantum mechanics have emerged. Unlike the cases of Newton and Einstein, we are talking about the hyperfine realm. Until the 19th century, it was believed that the position and momentum of an object at a given time and Newton’s equations of motion were sufficient to determine its subsequent motion. However, due to the fact that the position and momentum of an electron in the microscopic domain cannot be determined simultaneously, Newton’s equations cannot be used, and special quantum mechanical equations must be used. The properties of the microscopic realm are manifested in the fundamental observer question of what is measurement in the quantum world and in the mysterious remote action between two distant particles in a state called “quantum entanglement”. In space-time relations, the quantum world is the source of many contemporary questions and paradoxes.

Such a study, the so-called “Why the modern science had prospered only in Western Europe?” question, may be discussed. I think the answer is that it is because they have been close to Jesus Christ. I think it is because they have realized and implemented the fact that Jesus Christ is the principal agent of “spatial administrator” for quite some time.

Spatial administrator with respect to space or structure is transcendence with respect to space or the structure of things. Even though man killed Jesus Christ by crucifixion, God Almighty resurrected Him, so that He became accessible, from the real world, as the authority of the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Time administrator is transcendence with respect to time. Since man has killed Jesus Christ on the cross, time administrator has been sealed because God has lost his material basis of existence in the real world.

Adapted from References for Reinforcement

The following text is taken from the following book.

#Kyobunkwan   “When science meets religion”  
Ian G, Barbour
translation  Kiyohisa Fujii
#Igaku-Shoin  “Neuroscience Psychology and Religion” 

Malcolm Jeeves & Warren S. Brown
translation  Yoshihiko Sugioka

The following is an edited version of some excerpts from the referenced literature that we found interesting.

Ian Graeme Barbour, American physicist and theologian, author of “When science meets religion,” to which I refer in this article, makes the following statement in this book.

“If God is omnipresent (including presence everywhere at the microlevel), no energy is required for the communication of information. Moreover, the realization of particular outcomes among the alternative potentialities already present in the quantum world conveys information without any physical input or expenditure of energy.”

This is my opinion, but I think it expresses that God watches over the real world through spatial administrator.

God’s power is also expressed in the way of time. Time solves things. Even the most difficult things can be thought of as being accomplished over hundreds of millions of years. Time is one of the tools God has presented to man to enable him to understand the relationship between matter and events, including the synchrony of things.

To be continued