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Open letter No,1-5

Open letter 1

Is the last teaching of Jesus Christ helpful?

Now, as to whether or not there are any special advantages to embracing Christianity in earnest, I would naturally assume that there are. As an example, I will discuss the application of artificial intelligence technology to reconstruct and shape the forms that nature has shaped in a way that makes them accessible to humans. The explanation is given in detail on the attached Blu-ray disc. I used to work as a dental technologist. If you are interested, please take a look.

# The contents of the Blu-ray disc can be viewed in the video in the “Dental Care Stories” section.

Let me briefly explain the contents of the Blu-ray disc. CAD stands for “computer aided design,” and the content is about how to use CAD to create and edit the shape of teeth. In this process of how to create the tooth shape, there arises a need to interact with spatial transcendence (spatial administrator) or structural transcendence (structural administrator).

As you can see by moving your own lower jaw, there is a connection between the movement of the lower jaw and the shape of the upper and lower teeth. The upper and lower dentition is designed so that the upper and lower teeth do not inadvertently collide with each other, making it easier to bite when eating and easier to pronounce when speaking. I think they are very well made. We don’t know how nature intended to create the shape of the teeth, but judging by human consciousness and reason, we can think in this way about the creation of natural things. That is why we apply artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a substitute for human consciousness and reason.

As you know, today, computer-based artificial intelligence technology has already been commercialized in many fields, such as image recognition and synthetic voice, and anyone can use it. Artificial intelligence is also being applied to automatic driving technology for automobiles, and is actually being put to practical use.

My goal in this project is to generate the shape of the upper and lower jaw teeth in the form of CAD data by applying artificial intelligence technology. Natural teeth are created by nature. We can only imagine how and why nature intended to create such a shape, but as far as human consciousness and reason can determine, it was created so that multiple functions such as grinding food and pronouncing words can coexist well. In other words, when a human being reproduces the shape of a tooth to meet human needs, it is only acceptable if this element that can be understood by consciousness and reason is incorporated into the shape of the tooth that is produced. Doing so can be considered reasonable and consistent with the purpose and reason that nature has created.

It is said that when considering the function of the brain, two aspects are considered necessary, one is the physical description presented by neuroscience and the other is the psychological description studied by psychology, which is commended by our subjective experience. Consciousness and reason are functions of the mind, which is different from the physical mechanism of the brain itself. I think it is done by interaction from the physical bottom up and from the psychological top down.

In order to perform information processing, the brain explores natural formations to accumulate data. This can be described as the accumulation of shape characteristics through the filter of human consciousness and reason. Specifically, it means using artificial intelligence techniques to explore, analyze, and reconstruct the three-dimensional shape of teeth.

The reason why this is possible is because of “spatial administrator”. This term is a word that I created and you will not find it anywhere if you search and look it up. It gives legitimacy to the fact that no matter what intention nature was formed with, it can be judged by human consciousness and reason. As we have already explained, “spatial administrator” is the authority of Jesus Christ, who opened the door for human beings to know about space and the structure of things. Thus, by asserting “spatial administrator,” we believe that even a natural object of unknown intent can be given legitimacy as an act of a human being who walks with Jesus Christ.

There is another term, “time transcendence” or ” time administrator,” which is not yet a disclosed authority to humans, but is sealed.

The source of this term “time administrator” and “spatial administrator,” as I have named it, has to do with the last teachings of Jesus Christ during his lifetime in the Bible. As you know, Jesus Christ was killed on the cross and God resurrected him. His physical body was lost, but He was resurrected into the world as a spiritual, invisible being. This was done because of God’s love for mankind, which I have named “spatial administrator” for the moment. You might call it “spatial transcendence.”

As for “time administrator” it is not an authority given to humans today, since Jesus Christ was killed and ceased to exist as a physical being in the world. Therefore, with regard to time, it is possible to deal with “causal time” as before, and it is not a special authority. However, I believe that the time will come when we will pay attention to this unknown “time administrator” or “time transcendence” authority. In the quantum world, conventional laws regarding time do not seem to apply.

I have presented my idea, but I think there is a need to consult an expert with authority. Almighty God has not allowed me to fall short and has guided me to the point of writing to His Majesty the Emperor. My role is to be the first to put aside whomsoever and make a request to His Majesty the Emperor, and this is a request that was directly bestowed upon me by Almighty God. The content may not be sufficient, but I believe it is the best I can do at this point in time. I am writing to you on behalf of God Almighty’s request. Whether this is to be believed or judged as trivial nonsense is a matter for His Majesty the Emperor himself.

To be continued